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jbrds are the only infant shoes designed from the mold of an infant foot.

All others use a shrunken version of an adult foot or are ill fitting.

Proper Stability for Proper Development!

jbrds have a mold shaped for the flat, narrow heel of an infant, rather than for the arched, wide heel of an adult.

Support Cage &
Flat Sole

Sturdy steps with functional

Gaining Traction

Wherever they go!

Every step of the way

Assisting in your child's development

Backed by Our Nation's Experts

Developed & Co-Founded by leading Podiatrist, Dr. Jay LeBow


The healthiest shoe for your little one's development that they'll actually want to wear! Nothing else compares.

🧑‍⚕️ Podiatrist Designed, Dr. Approved

👶 Helps first-walkers stand and walk with confidence

🦶Proper support that provides healthy foot development

☁️ Cloud comfort, sock & shoe combo

🔒 Secure, no-jiggle, all day fit that they want to wear

As Seen In

Wes loves his jbrds, they’re so light and he’s able to be quick on his feet. I love that they’re easy to slide on and go, sometimes even over his jammies!

Wes' Mom

We love our jbrds, she loves running around so quick in them. I like that they’re so easy to put on, one less struggle to get out the door.

Araz's Mom

jbrds are so easy to clean. They stay on and offer amazing support! People stop us everywhere to ask where we got our jbirds.

Ford's Parents

We love jbirds! These shoes are so wonderful, you can tell how well they fit and feel on his feet as he moves around easily! Most kid shoes are stiff, clunky and awkward - not jbirds! He is able to run and play without worrying about his shoes tripping him or getting in the way of his fun. A must buy!

Leo's Mom

Rose loves her jbrds because she can run around and easily continue to be the daredevil she is. I love knowing that they are developed especially for little ones feet, it gives me peace of mind knowing that.

Rose's Mom

Aurelia loves her jbrds! They’re colorful, fun and seem to make her feel great, they’re the only shoes she wants to wear now. I love them because they make her feel that way and I’m confident that I’m giving her little bones and muscles the shoe love they need to thrive.

Aurelia's Mom

It wasn’t until I found jbrds that we had some progress! All of the sudden Tyler was standing. Wow. Oh my god. Standing. That was progress. We had my son wear the jbrds all the time. Little did we know after a few weeks, he was moving!!! Although he was like a drunk sailor, he was walking!

Tyler's Mom


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