jbrds Affiliate Program

Kids feet have yet to develop the structure of an adult foot. So why do we put kids’ feet in miniature versions of adult shoes?

jbrds has reimagined kids’ footwear with their developing feet in mind in order to create anatomically designed footwear for children. Our bottom-up approach to footwear design is starting children off on the right foot, making it easier to stand, balance, and walk.

Utilizing ShareASale, you have the ability to earn 5% on any products you promote through social media channels, newsletters, websites, blogs, or emails!

Our vision is to develop innovative footwear and apparel products while executing a connected digital strategy engaging families.

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Program Highlights

• Unique direct to consumer product, first of its kind

• Extensive customer service center staffed with experts

• Fast & reliable shipping

Commission & Basics

• 5% on all sales

• 30-day day tracking cookie