Bukowski Bears Foxy Baby Rug

Everyones favorite fox as a blanket! His earth tone blanket textured in olive green velvet and matching patches are one of the very unique traits of the Foxy Baby Rug. The bold and contrasting colors and striped pattern are also great for grabbing your baby's attention! Feel free to give our Foxy Baby Rug a tug, he is handmade with quality you can trust for your little one.

By using only the softest and most durable materials available, Bukowski Bears offer a uniquely crafted collection of assorted cuddly animals. The perfect pairing with jbrds shoes that your little one is sure to love.

Bukowski Bears is a family owned business and one of Europe’s largest stuffed animal companies, renowned for creating heartwarming, high-quality stuffed animals. Each and every animal is carefully inspected to make sure you receive nothing but the quality that you can trust giving to your child or a special person in your life.

jbrds Stand2Walk Shoes

Starting Them Off On The Right Foot

Childrens shoes designed from their foot up, with the intent of giving them a leg up, for the rest of their life.