Bukowski Bears Meli Baby Rug

Meli Baby Rug is a precious blanket that newborns and baby's love! She is made out of a very soft plush and is wonderful to hold and cuddle. Meli Baby Rug has a velcro strap that you can attach a pacifier to (pacifier is not included) or any other favorite toy! The blanket is half pink, half flower pattern, and the inside is white. Meli Baby Rug is finished with a cute pink bow. Children love this blanket!

By using only the softest and most durable materials available, Bukowski Bears offer a uniquely crafted collection of assorted cuddly animals. The perfect pairing with jbrds shoes that your little one is sure to love.

Bukowski Bears is a family owned business and one of Europe’s largest stuffed animal companies, renowned for creating heartwarming, high-quality stuffed animals. Each and every animal is carefully inspected to make sure you receive nothing but the quality that you can trust giving to your child or a special person in your life.

jbrds Stand2Walk Shoes

Starting Them Off On The Right Foot

Childrens shoes designed from their foot up, with the intent of giving them a leg up, for the rest of their life.